Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March- The Birthday Month

March is birthday month in our family. We start with Truett 3/3, my grandma 3/9, my brother in law, Chris on 3/10, hubby's on 3/11 and my dad on 3/14. We did not get to see every one for their birthdays but we made sure Truett and Hubby had a good time on their special days.


 Truett was inspired by the winter Olympics and got ice skates from my parents and ice skating lessons from my in-laws. He is going through a hokey phase, so we surprised him with tickets to the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game. He was so excited! His sister on the other hand, could not care less about the game, so she played with mommy's IPad the whole time.
When we asked Truett what was his favorite part, he said without hesitation- "The fight!"
Truett didn't have a party this year, but we still had a cake with friends after church.
"Who has two thumbs and is turning 5 today?"
"This Guy!"
The morning of his birthday, Truett got to open all of his gifts and blow candles from the cupcake his sister got him. His favorite gift was the "Who Shook Hook?" game, which he played for hours that day.


For Hubby's birthday we took him out to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, the Mongolian Grill. The kids, and the birthday boy, got balloon animals made special for them. The next day we go to celebrate again with some friends.

Next week we get to travel to New York for classes, and see our family so I'm sure there will be more celebrating happening before the end of March.

Anyone else with lots of birthdays on the same month? Do you celebrate together? Or does everyone have their own party? I would love to hear from you.

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