Thursday, September 22, 2016

The New Bike

Grandma and Papa came to visit from Jersey in October and it was like Christmas came early for the kids. 

Peanut got a lot of cute girly things from grandma, but when we went to the store to pick out her brothers bike, she picket out this crazy looking unicorn helmet, and said it was all she wanted. She had a great time just rocking the helmet while she made her daddy and Papa pull her around since she is still too little for her bike.

Truett got a new bike as a very early Christmas gift. He is so very excited to learn to ride, but he is also very fearful, and with the weather changing, he may have to wait until Spring to master bike riding. I'm not pushing it too hard, since I was already 10 when I learned to ride a bike. How old were you, when you learned to ride your bike?

Let's Build It!

Lowe's has a program called Build and Grow. The program is basically a building clinic for the kids. The kids receive a kit to build something, for October it was a haunted house the opened up so you could put candy in it. There is a "work bench" set up with little hammers and space for the kids to build. The first time they go, the receive goggles and an apron. Every time they come back for a new project, the receive a new iron-on patch to put on their apron to show what they have already done. 
And the best part- it is completely free! 

The kiddos had a great time building and we will defiantly be coming back for more. Other chain hardware stores offer the same program with a different name. So if you have one in your town, check them out, because it is a lot of fun for the whole family to build something together. Not to mention that it is free and the kids get a toy out of it.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Peanut's 5th Birthday

Our little princess turned 5 and celebrated it Disney style.

We put together a makeshift photo booth and the our little Peanut could not get enough of it. And the kids loved the chance to be goofy. 

The kids enjoyed the suspense of the string Pinata. And we grown ups enjoyed not needing a lot of space or the risk of accidents.

We made a cookie decorating station and everyone seemed to enjoy eating their handy work more than the cupcakes.

Of course, Peanut's favorite part was opening presents. She was very excited!

Put a ring on the Minnie was also a big hit. We had a bouncy house for out side, but as luck would have it, it rained all day. So the indoor games were extra important.

With all the rain, several of her little friends didn't show and we were really worry that she was going to be disappointing. But at the end of the day, she had a blast! And she is already planning her next birthday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

One For The Card

On Thanksgiving day, I dressed the kids and myself and realized that we matched. So I told my hubby he had to match us as well, so we could do pictures for our Christmas card. 

Now, I'm no photographer, and I don't have any special lighting or anything. I just attached my camera to the tripod and set the timer on it and this is what we got. 

It turns out, that having kids with a sense of humor makes it hard to get a good shot.

Not all pictures made into the card of course, but we had a lot of fun taking them. How do you choose your pictures for the your Christmas card?

School Open House

The kiddos had their first school open house. We got to meet the teachers, learn about their routine every day and get a tour of the class and school given by the kids themselves. I also really enjoyed getting to meet the other parents. I always appreciate adult conversation. 

The kids had so much fun showing us around and getting pictures with their teachers. And as you can tell by Truett's dirty shirt, he also really enjoyed the snacks. Does your school have open houses? What is your favorite part about them?