Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Craft Round Up- UpCycle Edition

Monday was Earth day! Staying on the spirit of preserving our plane, here are some ideas to reuse and recycle. Hope you enjoy it.

Floppy Disk Planters.jpg
If you have some of these in you drawer on attic, you can not put them to good us.

Spam cans turned beautiful.

T-Shirt Necklace DIY
Necklace from old shirts.
French Door Headboard
this headboard is so pretty, you would not believe how easy it is to make it.

Accordion-style recycled magazine clock
I plan on making one of these because with my kids artworks.

So fun and easy for little ones.

I love wreaths, so I could not do a round up with out at leat one.

I would love to know if any of you tried any of these. Please feel free to share some love.

Keeping it crafty,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Craft Round Up- Vintage Edition

Here is a little confession- I love anything Vintage. I definitely don't have enough of it in my life. So here are some ideas to bring some vintage beauty into your life.

This is so perfect if you just want to add a splash of vintage to your decor.

This is the coolest idea for a vintage scrapbook

My kids would make great Silhouettes. How about your?

Vintage Purse Makeover | The Thinking Closet
How cute is this bag?

So simple and yet so cute.

Decorative Basket Wall
So simple, yet so classy

Love how this dresser looks. It has such character.

Do you have any vintage DIY ideas? I you love to see them.

Keeping it Crafty,

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Mother's Day Wish List

With mothers day only a month away, I figured I share my wish list this year. I'm pretty sure some of these will still be there for the next few holidays, but a girl can dream, right?

Goodbyn Bynto boxes for the kiddos. I love how much you can fit in them. Plus they support the Salvation Army in N.J., which is where my parents (who are also Salvation Army officers) live.

EOS Rebel T5i EF-S 18-135mm IS STM Lens Kit
Digital SLR Camera

Cute green crossbody bag to use during our Disney vacation in September.

And cute vintage lap aprons

I have also asked my hubby to have one of his friends help me with a new layout and button for my blog.
What is in you wish list?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

In the works

I'm putting together a photo booth for our women's ministry meeting at the Salvation Army. Check back for the finished product.

Some Mod Podge and a stick and magic is made.
Because, let's face it- Every body's personality changes the moment you add a fake mustache!


My husband and the kids could not wait to try them on.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Craft Round Up- Flower Edition

The weather has been so nice, flowers are finally starting to bloom. So let us be inspired by the flowers.
This Spring I simply must take the time to make flower crowns for Charisma and I.

I love any kind of upcycle project. They look like a lot of fun to do with the kids.
I'm a sucker for buttons and brooches.
These are just so cute, I could fill my garden with them. And the best part is that they can not die.
Pink Valentine's Day Wreath
This is so pretty and delicate, I may make one for my entryway.
This is a pretty big project, I may not do it right away, but it will definally make it to my "plan to do it" list.

Everyone need a pretty flower pen on their desk. Plus it uses wash tape, which I'm just crazy about, so it's a double whammy.
Hope you enjoy them.
Keeping it Crafty,

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Friday Night Downtown

Every first Friday of the month, our downtown has a special event called... wait for it... "First Friday". I know how it sounds, but don't let the lack of originality in the name fool you. It is actually really nice.


The kids got to meet the cast of the high school musical "Hello Dolly"

I love antique stores and there are 3 big ones at our downtown.

By the end of the night someone was really tired.

Featured Blog- Color Me Katie

I have realized that having a blog of my own, has made me more of a blog reader that ever. And there are some great ones out there, so I'll try to share some of my favorite ones with you from time to time.
My absolute favorite blog is Color Me Katie.
She is so creative and her posts always bring a smile to my face when I'm feeling down.

She also the only person alive that makes me miss living in New York City.
Real Life Pacman
And her cat Moo is pretty awesome even if, like me, you are not a cat person.

Unfortunately, she has not posted anything in a couple of months. But if you want a feel good blog to look at, check out some of her old posts.

And maybe, if a lot of us ask her nicely, she will post again soon :)