Saturday, August 31, 2013

Washi Tape Plug

Here is a very easy, quick DIY project. I saw something similar on instagram and decided to give it a try. Hope you enjoy it!

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Little Bits- Staycation

This week we were on vacation. We did not go anywhere or do anything too special- we have a Disney trip planned for 3 weeks from now. But we still had lots of fun.
1 &2. The kids put on puppet shows for us
3.  Library Trip
4. She loves to relax on the floor
5. He has so much energy, he is always jumping
6. He stole daddy's hat
7. Hubby and I signed this pledge
8. Hanging out at mommy and daddy's bed
9. Giant coloring pages
10. Minnie Mouse nails
11. Their favorite thing right now
12. Homeschooling work

How  your week? How do you pass the time when you are home?

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Homeschooling Games

Our family is what I like to call "accidental homeschoolers". Truett is now four and ready for preschool, but private schools were not in our budget and the public school in our area is simply not an option, so our last resort was homeschooling. Though it has been more "office schooling" to be honest. The kids come to work with me and we are the office Monday through Friday for five to ten hours depending on the day. Luckily, my office is at the Salvation Army's beautiful Greenwood Lake Camp. So the kids have a playground, a view of the lake, a pool and lots of nature to learn from. But this past week was our week of vacation so we had a chance to have some fun with homeschooling, and what fun it has been.
I will share more about our routine in the future, but here is a cheap, easy, fun game my kids love- Letter memory game.

I used some large note cards, wrote a letter, both in lower and upper case in two cards, in different colors. With the cards we played your average memory game. I have not used the entire alphabet, only the letters the kids are learning the next couple of months.
My husband also took the time to form letter with the note cards and have the kids name the letters. such a simple games, that helped them get familiar with their letters. Who said learning can't be fun?

Any other "Accidental Homeschoolers" out there? I would love to hear some ideas and advise from the more seasoned homeschoolers out there.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Vintage Crush- Cars Edition

Cars use to have so much character. They had beautiful and vibrant colors and had a certain moxie about them. They just don't make them like they used to. Enjoy!


Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Little Bits

Just a little bit of our weekend to share with you. We went to camp Swoneky for "Family Camp" this weekend and we spend the nights at a hotel. It was a great summer weekend, with great weather and bright blue skies.


1. Spinach/ Tomato fritata with pepperonis so the kids would eat it
2. Truett rocking a pink mustache
3. Watching movies at the hotel before bed
4. Running like the Dash
5. Wall Climbing
6. Tickle Attack
7+8. Sunday School at the camp fire
9. Fire truck girl
10. Late Sunday afternoon bike ridding
How was your weekend?
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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Little Bits

Little bits of our week to share with you.

1. Wrapped up like a baby
2. Their favorite washcloth
3. Her curls are perfect when they are wet
4. Listening to a night time book
5. She always has a book with her
6. Her brother gave her a leaf
7 + 8. Truett is getting the hang of the scooter
9. The first turning leafs in our garden
10. Learning about my new toy
11. The replacement boots (the yellow rain boots ripped)
12. Finally got to clean my desk at work
13. Using mommy's hair clip
14. Yummy lunch meeting
15. Nature walk check list