Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Preschool Graduation

Our little Peanut graduated from Preschool. She is all ready and very excited for Kindergarten.
She also received a perfect attendance award. We were so very proud. Here are a fell shots from the event.

She has lots of plans for the summer and even more hopes for next year. This was a long but good year. She started reading 3 letter words, improved her speech and made a best friend.

31 of for my Thirty First

For my Thirty first birthday, I decided to have a 31 party. If you are not familiar with 31, it works like lots of other companies, in that you host a "party" and the more your friends buy, the more perks you get. Normally, I am not a fan of hosting parties, but I love using my friends parties as an excuse to shop. Things like "I have to get something to help my friend get her rewards" or "If I don't buy something from her party she wont get anything when I have a party" are always a great way to justify a purchase.

I used my rewards to get pretty pink things that matched. In my book, it doesn't get much better than that.

I got the Timeless Beauty Bag and used it as a office/stationary carry all. It is intended for make up and toiletries, but it was the perfect size for the kids tablet and my "desk on the go" supplies.

Since we found out the our Peanut has Celiac, I have found myself having to bring gluten free food with us everywhere we go. since there are not many options for her at restaurants, and not everyone understands it when we go to parties and play dates. So this little thermal pouch is perfect to carry in y purse so I can be ready whenever she gets hungry. I plan to get a few more of these to keep things like make up and crayons in the car without it melting in the summer months.

I also got a small zipper pouch for little miscellaneous, like hair clips, band aids, mints, and all other little things that get lost on the bottoms of the bag.

This water bottle thermal was one of my greatest investments. Because now I can freeze and water bottle and stick it inside of the bag, without worrying about everything else getting wet. Unfortunately, I don't think this item is available anymore.

And of course I got a matching beg to put it all in. This is my everywhere we got bag. It doesn't always comes inside when we go places, but it is always at least in the car, so we always have what we need. All with a key fob to match.

Since the Party, I've also bought a regular zipper pouch to keep an emergency change of clothes for the kids always handy. And it's a perfect fit inside the bag.

If you are new to thirty one, you will need a consultant. My friend Beth is my consultant, and she managed to make my party in Ohio happen from NJ, so if you need someone, no matter where you are, she is your gal!

What is you favorite 31 bag? What is in your wish list? How do you use the accessories? Please share on the comments.

Toothless Truett

Being one of the last ones in his class to loose his first tooth, Truett was beyond excited when it finally happened.  

After having a conversation about how we were wondering when would his loose tooth finally come out, I started to brush his teeth. I was very careful not to put to much pressure on the loose tooth, but even with the smallest of movement, his tooth just came out. 

I am so thankful that it happened so naturally and not with us pulling it and traumatizing him. I have some very vivid memories of my fear of pain while my parents tied a string to my tooth and my a door handle. The ordeal would take what felt like forever, since every time they tried closing the door, I would jump forward for fear of it hurting. At the end, I would always be amazed at how it actually didn't hurt, but by then I was already traumatized by the experience. So needless to say, that I was overjoyed when nature took its course and his tooth simply "fell out" with out any prompting from me.