Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Mommy Buck System

I love the mommy buck system! I can not take any credit for the idea. The master mind behind it is Jeff Kinney, the author of the "Diary of the Wimpy Kid" series. The concept was presented on the second book "Rodrick Rules" and since then I have seen mom's all over get creative with it. Here is our version of it.

On an attempt to not spoil the kids and teach them the value of things, we have them earn "mommy bucks". They are also working on their math without realizing it. The "bucks" are not anything fancy, monopoly money size paper that I hand write "Mommy Buck" on. For the sake of saving paper, we have three denominations $1, $5 and $10. They earn them by doing all their chores for the day (they usually have four of those a day), by eating all their food and making happy plates (that's what we call empty plates) and the other ones I kind of make it up as
I go along.

If one of them has an exceptionally good day, or work extra hard on a project I give them a mommy buck. Since they come to work with me everyday, I sometimes use a timer and tell them that if they can play without fighting until the timer goes off (I usually give them an hour) they each get a mommy buck. Whenever they don't succeed and fight, I restart the timer so they can still have a chance and I can get even more work done.

The other great part about it, is that if we go out and they want something, we don't just get it for them, we ask if they would like to work fr it, and if they do, we buy it and put it on the mommy buck shop.

The "Mommy Buck Shop" has toys as well as perks. Next to the shelf with the toys, taped on the wall, is a list of "other buys" that they can use they bucks on. They also only get to shop once a week, normally on Saturdays. and sometimes they don't buy anything at all, they save up for a bigger thing.

The kids are little and I'm sure the system will change as they grow. They will eventually have different ways of earning it and eventually they will earn it for different things. But for now, I'm really happy it is working.

Anyone else using mommy bucks? Is it working for you?
I would love to hear from other moms out there.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Snow, snow and more snow



This winter feels like the longest ever! Every time we think that is getting warmer we get hit with more snow. Good thing the kids like the snow, because it is what helps to make the best of days like these. On the days the snow is too bad to get out (we didn't have that many of those, thank goodness) we stay home and the kids have "pajama days". but they get out every chance they get. They keep me from complaining. No matter what they do, if it involves snow, they think is fun- snow angels, snow ball fights, sledding, coloring the snow and even shoveling.
How are you enjoy this weather? Any other ideas on how to make snow days fun?

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Little Bits- Valentine's Day

Valentine's day was a blast! We had such a full day, and the kids got to share the Love in more ways than one.
The kids were very excited for Valentine's Day. We had already made a banner to decorate the house, we also painted the windows and made cards to mail for some people we love. The kids wanted to make sure they were wearing red. And Peanut got a special Valentine's hairdo.
 Hubby surprised them with cards and balloons and me with roses. We all went to a Valentine's lunch at Starbucks and from there we went to a couple of nursing homes to pass out Valentine Cards (I got the cutest pics of them interecting with the residents, but I don't think I can share those pictures without their permision).
We finished the day with heart shaped quesadillas for dinner. It was a really good day.
How was your Valentine's Day? Hope you ended it feeling loved.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

American Girl Bistro

A while back we took a trip to the mall. While there, Truett and daddy went to the Lego store and Charisma and I went to the American Girl Store- The American Girl Bistro to be precise.

Charisma love having her doll, Ruthie seating right next to her. She was in love with the place, even the center pieces. We were having dinner with the rest of the family later that night, so we got a light snack instead. The real treat was the milkshake, which was really good.
We were there for a while, just enjoying the place. We were there so long that the boys finished at the Lego store and came to meet us.
The whole experience was a lot more pleasant than what I expected. The food was a lot cheaper than I thought, and very tasty as well. I most certainly recommend the place. We had such a great time, we already made plans to go back.