Saturday, November 30, 2013

Little Bits- The end of Autunm

We have been having fall days in between snow days. But since I love fall time, I figure we should get some more "leave-covered-ground" pictures before the snow took over everything.

Loving Snow

Winter is not here for another 2 days, and yet we have already had our fair share of snow days. The kids are still waiting for enough snow to build a snowman, but they have fun with whatever snow they get.

First Friday

As some of you know, our town has a "First Friday" downtown, every first Friday of the month. Unfortunately, we will be missing the December one, with bell ring season, we are all too busy to take a night off until Christmas, but here are some pics from the November's first Friday that I haven't had the time to share.  

1. Truett got to learn how pipes are cleaned
2&3. The kids enjoyed Nana and Grandpa visiting
4. He looked so little next to the big tractor
5. Truett got to move sand from one truck to another
6. Waiting for our pizza
7&8. We ended the night at the book store
Does your town have a first Friday or another regular event like this?

Friday, November 15, 2013

"Is Begining to look at lot like Christmas!"

Is kind of hard to believe, but our family is in full Christmas swing already! 
Because Salvation Army officers are so busy with Thanksgiving/Christmas food distribution, bell ringing and toy collection and distribution, our Christmas party is very early. The first weekend in November kind of early. We met in Dayton, at the Krock Center. It gave us a chance to dress up, see Santa and spend time with my best friend and my goddaughter. And we even got gifts. 

Having the first snow of the season so early this year, also helped to get us into the holiday spirit. 


We also had out official "Kettle Kick-Off"Dinner on Thursday. I got to tell people about what the Salvation Army does and my husband, along with a couple board members, got to ring the first bell of the season. The favors from the nigh were bell key chains. So everyone got to ring with us. (you van see Truett ringing his little bell from his seat). Are you in the Christmas spirit yet? What gets you in a jolly mood?

Friday, November 8, 2013





The other day, the kids and I got to join my husband and his Kiwanas group to visit the Stratford Ecological Center. It was such a great experience, and we can't wait to go back. The place was beautiful! 
We got to walk through the green house, learn some about how things grow and even taste some of the things they grew there. We got to feed the chickens, which was my hubby's favorite part- he had never done that before. And once in the barn the kids got to see, and pet, goats, lamas and a pig. Not to mention the dozen cats they had running around. 
At the end of the night we went inside for the meeting and the kids got to hang out in the back room. Truett loved playing with the toy barn, that looked just like the one we had just seen. And Peanut had all she needed when she realized they had a tea set there. 
Since hubby and I, are what some may call "city folk", we really appreciate living in a place where our kids have so many opportunities to learn about nature and where things come from. 
I'm not sure if ecological centers like this are found everywhere, but if there is one near you, I highly recommend visiting it. It was a fun experience for the kids and the adults (or as Peanut now calls them, "big humans").