Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Eater Everyone!

We had a very rainy Eaters. But that didn't stop the kids from having fun.

Ready to egg hunt!

Yesterday the kids helped mommy and daddy and volunteer putting things together for the Salvation Army Easter egg hunt. The helped but didn't take any baskets or eggs and didn't complain about it. I was very proud of them.
After that they hit the playground for a bit.

After church they came home to egg hunt. Because of the rain, all the eggs were hidden inside.
They opened their baskets, that mommy put together inside of sand pails instead of basket. I like using useful things instead of baskets.

He went on record to say that Easter was "A-ma-zing!"

I just love the hat look.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Pirate Games

Here are the games we came up with for Truett’s Pirate Birthday Party.

Pirate Treasure Hunt: I hid little squish toys in a tote with sand and water and had the kids dig for treasure. And I have to say, I was shocked with how cheap it is to buy sand. I never had a reason to buy it before and was expecting to spend at least $10 on a very small bag. My husband went to Lowe's and got a 50lbs. bag for $3,58. I could not believe how cheap it was. Note the bow with water and towel next to it- the kids get purposely messy with this game.

Decorating the deck: I had coloring pages and crayons for some art time and when they were done we taped it to to wall. I got the coloring pages from the Disney Junior website. They have lots of ideas and resources for a "Jake and the Neverland Pirates" party. I made sure the kids put their names on the page they colored and I send it to the parents with the thank you cards (which I also got from Disney Junior)

Pin the tale on the Tic- Toc- Crock: Again, thank you to the Disney Junior Website for this great printout came. The kids had a blast with doing it. I was a nice spin on the old "tale on the donkey game" and it was pirate themed.

Walking the plank: Again I was surprised with how cheap this was to put together. The wood for the plank was just a little over $5 and I had two leftover bricks from when we redid the garden 2 years ago that I used to steady the plank. I made the kids balloon swords for when they were done walking the plank.

The Pinata: Honestly I wasn't going to do a pinata unless I could find a pirate one with the strings (the ones that you pull lots of strings until one someone pulls the right one and it comes open). But I sent my husband out to get it, so not only did hit get one that you need to hit (nothing against them, I just don't have that much room in my living room and March in Ohio is still to cold to do it outside), but he also got some pretty expensive candy. The kids loved it, especially since the Twix and Crush mini bars were a lot nicer than the Dum- dums and Tootisie Rolls I normally use.
Any other ideas for games? Any suggestions for next year? Truett already expressed that he wants his next party to be pirate themed also :)
Keeping it crafty;

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Pirate Bash!

When Truett turned 3 he had the Choo- choo Train party he wanted so much. As we got in the car after the party, he told me that he wanted a pirate party next. I laughed it off and thought that he would forget it. But he was serious and told everyone that would care to hear about his upcoming pirate party.
Believe or not, even though I had a year to prepare, procrastinator me, did most of the preparations the week before. What I (and now you) learned from my procrastination is that you can have a cute and fun party, even if you time and money are limited.

My sea pup at his 4th birthday.
I made my own cake. Here is link on how to make one.
I also got cheap and creative with the food.
We had lots of sea/pirate themed games.


Pirate Birthday Cake & Food

Here is how I made The Pirate treasure chest cake for Truett's birthday party.

The morning of the party I realized I was going to have a lot more people than I expected over, so my husband ran to the store and got a cake with blue flowers on it.

I pressed the blue flowers to make a sea and used brown sugar to make sand. I place my cake on top of the store’s cake as if they were one big cake. I got a lot of complements on cake and no one seemed to notice that they didn’t go together. 

And the birthday boy getting ready to blow the candles. For more Pirate Party ideas check out my other posts.
For the rest of the food, I got pretty cheap and creative, all the while keeping up with the pirate theme.

I found these cut flags on the Disney Junior website. They suggest you put it on oranges, but I put them on hot dogs and labeled them as "Pirate Ships"

I also had pirate labels for all the other food. Sorry I forgot to get pictures with the actual food on the containers (which I got for $1 each at target). Here is what I had:

Pirate Catch of the Day- Gold Fish
Planks- Crackers
Cannon Balls- Grapes
Pirate Rope- Twizzlers
Pirate Snacks- "Jake and the Neverland Pirate" fruit snacks

I found these little labeless drinks at the dollar store, and they were perfect for the Sea Water labels.

The labels were not mine, I got them from "How to Nest for Less". They have all sorts of cute free printables and lots of ideas on affordable ways to make events memorable.

Lazy Saturday!

So I had some plans yesterday, but since I could not find a sitter, i had to change my plans
So the kids and I decided to have a lazy Saturday. We stayed in our PJs almost all day and we build forts, played and watched TV.

But the best part was to make Green pudding.