Monday, March 31, 2014

100 Happy Days- Day 5

I'm just loving the 100 Happy Days Challenge. The best part is being able to look back and remember how happy my days have been.  

Charisma- "Come down here! You need to see my new thing!" She wanted to show us the tall "tea set tower" she had build. She kept on pointing and saying "Ta-da!", over and over. She is too cute.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

100 Happy Days- Day 4

Today was day 4 of the 100 happy days challenge, and although this is the only happy moment I caught on camera today, there where many more. Doing this challenge has helpd me realize that my day is made of lots of little things and moments that make me smile.

Truett was having a sleep over on the floor in his sisters room. They went to sleep listening to a hockey game (Hubby is training them well). The funny part about it, is that this boy moves so much in his sleep that he ended up on the complete opposite direction of his pillow. It was great to end the day with a laugh.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

100 Happy Days- Day 3

I'm at day 3 of the 100 Happy Day Challenge. Paying attention to the things that make you happy, truly do make you happier.
Charisma did not feel good today. She had a touch of a cold and said her tummy hurt. And of course her being sick did not make me happy one bit. However what did make me happy was how all she wanted to feel better was her mommy. That's right, a good cuddle with mommy was the only remedy for her. 


She is such a big girl. She's so independent, always telling me that she can do it herself. So he felt pretty good to know that not only was I needed, my kisses were still magical and still made boo-boos go away.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

100 Happy Days- Day 2

 This is day 2 of the 100 Happy Day Challenge and here is a happy moment from today.
Watching my two munchkins letting out their artistic side while getting along makes me super happy.

They change all the colors from the originals and tell a story about why the colors are different as they color. Truett told me as he colored, that Olaf fell into a full of juice, and got out to roll in the grass and that is why he was so many colors. I just love their imagination!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge- Day 1

I am taking the 100 Happy Days Challenge and here is "Day 1"!

My Hubby came home with flowers a couple of days ago. Sunflowers are my absolute favorite flowers, they not only look like the son but they "follow" the sun. Waking up and seeing them made me feel so happy, they just had to be my challenge kick off. They made me feel loved, they made the house feel like Spring and since they are yellow (the color theme for the challenge website) They were also my reminder to be happy.

What is making you happy today? If you are participating, please leave a comment with your Instagram, or Twitter name so I can follow you- I want to be happy with you as well!
Have a Happy Day!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

100 Happy Days Challenge

I just found out about this challenge and I'm so excited to be a part of. It is the easiest challenge ever and you're a win inert just for participating. You can learn more about it at
Here are a few reasons I decided to join the challenge (I have a few other of my own of curse) 

So what do you say? Want to join me I being happier? I'll be Instagraming my 100 happy days, but I'll  sharing more photos and details on the blog, so stay tuned! 

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

March- The Birthday Month

March is birthday month in our family. We start with Truett 3/3, my grandma 3/9, my brother in law, Chris on 3/10, hubby's on 3/11 and my dad on 3/14. We did not get to see every one for their birthdays but we made sure Truett and Hubby had a good time on their special days.


 Truett was inspired by the winter Olympics and got ice skates from my parents and ice skating lessons from my in-laws. He is going through a hokey phase, so we surprised him with tickets to the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey game. He was so excited! His sister on the other hand, could not care less about the game, so she played with mommy's IPad the whole time.
When we asked Truett what was his favorite part, he said without hesitation- "The fight!"
Truett didn't have a party this year, but we still had a cake with friends after church.
"Who has two thumbs and is turning 5 today?"
"This Guy!"
The morning of his birthday, Truett got to open all of his gifts and blow candles from the cupcake his sister got him. His favorite gift was the "Who Shook Hook?" game, which he played for hours that day.


For Hubby's birthday we took him out to dinner at one of his favorite restaurants, the Mongolian Grill. The kids, and the birthday boy, got balloon animals made special for them. The next day we go to celebrate again with some friends.

Next week we get to travel to New York for classes, and see our family so I'm sure there will be more celebrating happening before the end of March.

Anyone else with lots of birthdays on the same month? Do you celebrate together? Or does everyone have their own party? I would love to hear from you.

Finally! A Spring Day!

     This winter feels like it will never end. I normally enjoy the cold weather. In fact, I rather cold than hot. I think that people dress and smell better in the winter and if you cold you can warm up with a blanket and some hot cocoa, but when you are hot, you are simply hot, there is nothing you can do about it.
     But this winter has been so long, even I am ready for it to go away. So at the first sign of spring weather, we didn't waist time indoors.



    We took a walk to the playground near our house. Peanut had wolf ears on most of the day, but when we went for a walk she switched them for her Mini Mouse sunglasses. Yes we finally got a day that was bright enough for sunglasses. Truett, also felt the need for his shades.
    They sat on the wagon most of the way, but when they saw the playground they got off a ran. The are definitely recovering from "cabin fever".
Sadly, our weather has taken another turn for the cold again. As I write this post I see the snow/rain mixture that is falling out side.
How is the weather where you are? Anyone else have a bad case of cabin fever?