Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Little Bits- Our New Town

My husband and I are officers in the Salvation Army, and every few year we are relocated to a new place. Six weeks ago, we moved to our new home in Marietta, Ohio. A town that I had honestly never heard about until I was told that we were moving there. But a town that we have, very quickly, fallen in love with.  

1. These pretty flower are everywhere in town 
2. Pretty boats go by everyday, just down the street from the office 
3&4. Bubble street artist made Charisma's day
5. One of the many adorable streets we get to see everyday
6. Beautiful sunsets by the Ohio River
7. One of my favorite things in town- the bicycle tree
8. My Peanut and I out for walk
9. The Hubby enjoying all the "pioneer" decoration downtown
10. The kids enjoying their first ever carriage ride


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