Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Pirate Bash!

When Truett turned 3 he had the Choo- choo Train party he wanted so much. As we got in the car after the party, he told me that he wanted a pirate party next. I laughed it off and thought that he would forget it. But he was serious and told everyone that would care to hear about his upcoming pirate party.
Believe or not, even though I had a year to prepare, procrastinator me, did most of the preparations the week before. What I (and now you) learned from my procrastination is that you can have a cute and fun party, even if you time and money are limited.

My sea pup at his 4th birthday.
I made my own cake. Here is link on how to make one.
I also got cheap and creative with the food.
We had lots of sea/pirate themed games.


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