Saturday, September 7, 2013

Washi Tape & Twine

The other day, the kids and I stopped by the farmers market and Truett bought me some flowers. Sunflowers are my favorite flowers! When we got home I realized I did not have anything to put them on, so I decided to stick them in an empty frappuccino bottle.
The bottle by itself did not do justice to the flowers, so I decided to spruce it up at little.

So I added some washi tape, but it stiill looked like it was missing something.
So I added a little twine. I just love twine- it instandly adds a rustic charm to everything.
This is another one of my favorite twine vases. They were center pieces at a friends wedding and i got to keep this one. Mason jars and twine are just a match made in heave. 
Any one else with a "twine love affair"? 

Enjoy! And thanks for stopping by. 

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