Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Trick or Treat!




The kids dressed as Mike Wazowski and  Doc McStuffins. And they really got into it. Truett walked around grouling at everyone and Charisma really enjoy playing doctor.
Unfortunally, Halloween was rained out and winded out, so the city postponed trick treating from Thurday to Saturday night. The kids were so disapointed. I felt realy bad, so I got them a special snack and decided to trick or treat indoors. Nana and grandpa were over visiting from NY, so we each took a room and the kids got to trick or treat. On Saturday the were able to use their costumes again, and eventhough it was still wet out, but it did not stop them from filling up their little bags with candy!
How was your Halloween? Hope it was a fun one!

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