Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rolled Fabric Flower Tutorial with video

I love these little flowers and I use them all the time for everything.
So here is the tutorial:

1- I always put the edges of the ribbon of heat in order to avoid fray. The heat makes it kind of melt on to itself. (Make sure you hold over and not on the fire, it will look black and burn if you do)
2- Fold the ribbon in half.
3- Roll the middle to create a solid middle.
4- Start twisting the ribbon as you go around with it. And when you get to the end, fold the end onto the bottom, and glue it together.
* I do glue the ribbon as I go.

And there you have it! An adorable rose to embellish anything you can imagine.

I use them for headbands, hair clips and much more. I also use the to embellish things like this clutch I made.

If you are anything like me, the video is the best way to learn, so here is the tutorial I learnexd from. Hers is a little different because she is using fabric instead of ribbon, so the fray is expected. Also, I will use another materail when attaching it to something like a headband. I put the flower over the band and a small felt circle under it, that way the band is secured between two things. Otherwise, I use the ribbon excess to pull it together.

How do you like this project? I would really love some feed back.
Keeping it crafty,

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