Thursday, August 29, 2013

Homeschooling Games

Our family is what I like to call "accidental homeschoolers". Truett is now four and ready for preschool, but private schools were not in our budget and the public school in our area is simply not an option, so our last resort was homeschooling. Though it has been more "office schooling" to be honest. The kids come to work with me and we are the office Monday through Friday for five to ten hours depending on the day. Luckily, my office is at the Salvation Army's beautiful Greenwood Lake Camp. So the kids have a playground, a view of the lake, a pool and lots of nature to learn from. But this past week was our week of vacation so we had a chance to have some fun with homeschooling, and what fun it has been.
I will share more about our routine in the future, but here is a cheap, easy, fun game my kids love- Letter memory game.

I used some large note cards, wrote a letter, both in lower and upper case in two cards, in different colors. With the cards we played your average memory game. I have not used the entire alphabet, only the letters the kids are learning the next couple of months.
My husband also took the time to form letter with the note cards and have the kids name the letters. such a simple games, that helped them get familiar with their letters. Who said learning can't be fun?

Any other "Accidental Homeschoolers" out there? I would love to hear some ideas and advise from the more seasoned homeschoolers out there.

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