Thursday, August 22, 2013

My Present Dilemma- Bangs or no Bangs

I am so torn with this decision. I love bangs on other people, but I'm not so sure I can pull them off. I tried them when my son was first born 4 years ago. But I'm not sure I did them justice.

Here are my top 5 Bang inspirations. And I know I don't look like any of them, but they look so good in it, it makes me want to have them too. 

Hannah Simon
She plays the beautiful best friend in the show "New Girl". I like the she has a darker completion and brown eyes like me. She is a former model, so she is also thinner and taller than I am. But I thought it was similar enough to inspire me. 


Bettie Page 
No one has ever made bangs as iconic as she has. And even though I would not get that stole of bangs, she reminds me that bangs are timeless. And by the way- she rocked those bangs until her passing in 2008. 


Elsie from A Beautiful Mess
I love how she can have the innocent look that bangs give and still look edgy. Not to mention that I adore her hair color in the photo. 


Miss James Kicisnki from Bleubird Vintage 
She is a beautiful lady with a beautiful family and beautiful bangs. She has those vintage over-the-eyes style bangs. She is prove that moms can look good with bangs. 


Zooey Deschanel 

I love her as an actress, she is not afraid to make fun of herself. I love her as a singer, She sounds like a 70s country singer. And I love how she look vintage without even trying. But I am in love with her bangs. I know it would never look the same on me (lack of blue eyes may have something to do with that.), but that is the hair style I want. 

So what do you guys think? Bangs or no bangs?

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