Tuesday, February 11, 2014

American Girl Bistro

A while back we took a trip to the mall. While there, Truett and daddy went to the Lego store and Charisma and I went to the American Girl Store- The American Girl Bistro to be precise.

Charisma love having her doll, Ruthie seating right next to her. She was in love with the place, even the center pieces. We were having dinner with the rest of the family later that night, so we got a light snack instead. The real treat was the milkshake, which was really good.
We were there for a while, just enjoying the place. We were there so long that the boys finished at the Lego store and came to meet us.
The whole experience was a lot more pleasant than what I expected. The food was a lot cheaper than I thought, and very tasty as well. I most certainly recommend the place. We had such a great time, we already made plans to go back.

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