Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Toothless Truett

Being one of the last ones in his class to loose his first tooth, Truett was beyond excited when it finally happened.  

After having a conversation about how we were wondering when would his loose tooth finally come out, I started to brush his teeth. I was very careful not to put to much pressure on the loose tooth, but even with the smallest of movement, his tooth just came out. 

I am so thankful that it happened so naturally and not with us pulling it and traumatizing him. I have some very vivid memories of my fear of pain while my parents tied a string to my tooth and my a door handle. The ordeal would take what felt like forever, since every time they tried closing the door, I would jump forward for fear of it hurting. At the end, I would always be amazed at how it actually didn't hurt, but by then I was already traumatized by the experience. So needless to say, that I was overjoyed when nature took its course and his tooth simply "fell out" with out any prompting from me.

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