Monday, September 24, 2012

Growing Pumpkins

About 3 month ago, my 2 years old daughter and I went into our front yard and planted pumpkin seeds. And the seeds looked just like the ones we eat, so you can imagine how many times I had to take them out of her mouth.
Now, I did not do my home work and find out what I was doing before I planted them. Tho, to be honest, I wasn't sure that anything would even grow- I'm kind of know for having a brown thumb. So regardless silly me, I planted them in some very strategical spots, thinking that a little pumpkin would just sprout up where planted.
Little did I know that pumpkins vine, and in just a few weeks, my front yard looked like a jungle.
Despite my ignorance, and the mess on my front yard, the out coming was pretty awesome.
First I got some gorgeous yellow flowers.
And from the bottom of the flowers, I got adorable little mellon looking things.
      While they were green, they kept on growing and the flower fell off. I was really cool to see the all at diffrent stages.

And finally today I was able to harvest some of those pumpkin (someone told me that once they turned completely orange, they would go bad if they were not pull from the vine). 

I harvested 7 of them and there are 11 more still changing colors.
Any one else growing punpkins this year? Any tips or ideas on what to do different next year?
This is the first time I ever had something I've planted grow. So as much as I hope this helps some of you, I would also hope some of you you have some ideas on how to do this better next time.
Keeping it Crafty,

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