Thursday, October 13, 2016

School Carnival

Every year, in the spring time, the school does a carnival with lots of fun things to do, prizes to win, and funds to raise for the school.

We got to join in with our own little booth. We got to pass out some information about the Salvation Army and the programs we have in the community. We also have a "kissing booth" sign next to a jar of Hershey kisses, so people could guess how many "kisses" where is it. The winner got to keep the jar and candy. Unfortunately, Peanut was the one with the closest guess, so the jar came back home with us.

One of the teachers brought her horses so the kids could take rides. And my little city kids could not get enough of it.

There was face painting, carnival games, food, prizes, raffles and more, but the kids spend most of their day on the inflatables.

I love little carnivals like this. Fun family days that don't take much work and don't cost much are defiantly winner in my book.

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