Friday, September 13, 2013

Easy Crayon Center Pieces


This week we had a fundraiser Italian Dinner, to raise money for our youth programs. With two preschoolers in the house, when I think of youthful- I think of crayons. So that is were the idea for the center pieces came from.

At the dollar store, I found some floral Styrofoam, green moss and desk labels. Combined with some crayons, old pencils and printed shields, we put together this very cheap and easy center pieces. the pencil and crayons go right through the floral Styrofoam, so very little glue was needed. The labels were rolled up and glued to keep shape. The shields were glued to each other and the pencil and lastly we glued the moss to cover the Styrofoam.
You can change the shield into whatever you would like and use this for a different event- like a back to school party or a teacher appreciation dinner.
Any other ideas out there? This will be an yearly thing, so I'm going to need a new idea for next year.

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