Monday, September 2, 2013

This Was August

Summer has gone by so fast! We have been so busy, I feel like I blinked an eye and the season was gone and now is "Halloween costume planning time" already. Here is a little of what happened in August.
Our Peanut, Charisma, finally potty trained so she could get her American Girl doll.
There was lots of Vintage inspiration here and here. I promise to have more vintage crush posts this month.

I experimented with the "no poo" method and loved it.
We shared some precious moments, like Peanut making cookies and our tomato picking adventure.


We share little bits of our lives here, here and here.
There was also the easy and delicious bread pudding recipe.
We had an awesome guest post from My friend Matt Stacy .

And we got to share with you our first experiences with homeschooling.

 And a little, simple DIY for you guys.

We also up dated the blog a little bit, with some page tabs on the top and some new feature like a link to my instagram page.

Hope you enjoyed August as much as we did! Stay tuned for some September adventures. 

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