Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Disney Vacation- Art of Animaton Resort

Our trip to Disney was so much fun and the room we stayed in added at lot to the fun.


This Couch turns into the bed bellow 

This table becomes the bed below

At Christmas time, Truett saw something on TV about "Cars Land" at Disneyland in California. That was all he talked about for months, but since California was not in the plans, or budget, we found a compromise. We decided to stay at the Art of Animation Resort, in one of their Cars Suites. It was Truett's personal Cars Land.
Everything in the room looked like something from a garage or from the movie itself. The lamps were traffic cones, the couch looked like the seat of an old car and the bathrooms (yes, there were two) looked like car washes.
We loved staying at the cars suit, but it was an splurge on our end. So, next time we plan on staying on just a room instead of a suit (like the "Little Mermaid" rooms) so we can pay less on the room and stay a little longer.
What are your favorite Disny resorts?
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