Monday, September 23, 2013

Disney Vacation- Chef Mickey's

Our first night there we had dinner at Chef Mickey's. Here are some picks and our thoughts on it.  

This was one of the best restaurants of the week. The food was great and the service even better. One of the great things about eating at Chef Mickey's, is that it gives you a reason to check out the Disney's Contemporary Resort, if you are not staying there already. It also gives you a reason to ride the monorail, again if you are not already at one of the resorts that use the monorail. For Truett, the monorail was, surprisingly, one of Truett's favorite things.  
The Buffet has a section just for the kids, with Macs'n'Cheesse, pizza, chicken nuggets, corn and peas and other kid-friendly food.
The regular, or adult buffet had a great salad selection and lots of Italian food, such as Mickey shaped raviolis. The best part of it all, in my opinion, was the dessert buffet. Ice cream, chocolate moose Mickeys, individual Cheese cakes and the best key lime pie I've ever had in my life.
This trip was to celebrate our seventh anniversary, or at least that was the excuse for the trip ;)So we the waiter at Chef Mickey's brought us as adorable cup cake to celebrate and sang "Happy
Anniversary to you" for us. It was a truly magical experience.
The last photo, is Truett's reaction when I told him it was time to leave.
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