Friday, January 31, 2014

Glow in The Dark Fun

Truett got a "Glow in the Dark Lab" kit from a friend, and the kids have been loving it.

These pictures are from when we did the glow in the dark "disappearing ink". The ink looks invisible unless it's under the black light. The kids love this and have been constantly asking to do more.
The kit also makes glow in the dark paint, rubber toys, and lotion. Perhaps I'll share some pictures of that as well.
The kids are really interested into glowing things lately, so they really enjoy learning about it.
to go with the "Glow" theme. They don't even realize they are learning, they are just having fun.
We also read "The Day Glo Brothers" by Chris Barton, which is the story of the brothers that came up with the neon colors we now use on traffic cones, safety vests and so on.
I'm not sure if I could consider this an unit study, but we will learn as much as we can from it, until the kids move on to a new subject. Any more Glow in the dark ideas?

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