Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Tour of Our Home- Charisma's Room

Once a month I'll give you a little tour of our home, one room at the time.
We are starting with Peanut's room. Though it will probably get a bit of a make over soon- she is almost ready for a big girl bed.

Her favorite thing in her room is the doll house. It was a birthday gift from Grandma and Papa. The little people that came with the house are kind of ugly and cheap looking, so she filled the house with all of her Disney princesses.

Behind her door is her closet and in front of it are the humidifier one of her 3 Minnie pillow pets (she got them from different people at Christmas) and her shopping card stuffed with her purses. She loves to take a purse, a baby doll and pretend that she is going to the park. I wonder if that's her way to ask me to take her to the park more often.

She loves her books and Tea sets.
We love our wall decor

Her vanity table gets used as just that, a place for her to be vain. But I figure it can only help her self steam in the future.

She has her own little play room in the corner of her room. Note that the cheap laundry basket works just as well as some expensive toy box, and I'm never afraid of fingers getting pinched on the lid.

Here she comes to kick me out of her room.

Hope you enjoyed the pick into Peanut's room. Stay tuned for another room next month.

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