Tuesday, January 14, 2014

To Go Lego Boxes DIY

This past year, my so Truett got into Legos. The problem is that he often loses the pieces everywhere we go.  So I made these little to go Lego boxes for him, for Christmas. I saw some other cases out there, all costing a lot more that I was willing to spend, so I got creative.
The Materials:
-Hot clue gun
-Lego base sheet
-plastic pencil case
How to:
This is by for the easiest, most simple DIY ever!
Measure the Lego base sheet to the inside and outside of the pencil case (which I go for $0.88, by the way) and cut accordingly, rounding the edges to avoid future cuts.
Next, simply clue them to the top and inside with the hot glue gun. If you only do the the top or only the bottom, the opposite side will look really bad since the case is see through. So you want to make sure you cover both sides. Though I suppose you could use a different kind of cover for the top- something with the child's name perhaps. I just did the same with both since the sheets were big enough to do so.
Hope you enjoy this quick, easy and cheap DIY.
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