Friday, June 28, 2013

Craft Round up- mustache edition

I have to admit- I am part of the mustache craze. I truly believe that your whole personality changes when you hold you finger in front of your face like a mustache.
So here are a few ideas to have fun and be creative with this wonderful patch of facial hair.

mustache lamp, mustache gifts,
A mustache for your home.

A Mustache for your mug.

A mustache for on the go.

Mustache Kindle
A mustache for your electronics.

A mustache as a gift.

A mustache for you means of transportation.

A mustache for your keys.

And a mustache for yours truly

Keeping it crafty


  1. I freaking love a good mustache. Instant mood pick me up!

  2. Mustache are awesome \o/