Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Falling in Love With Fall Time

 I used to think that my favorite time of the year was winter. But I think I had to clean snow off of my driveway enough times for the season to loose its wonder to me. I still rather it be cold than hot- I think people dress and smell better when is cold. But I think that Fall has just the right amount of cold air to keep me happy.

One of the kids new favorite thing to do is play with sparklers. Since it has been getting dark earlier, around dinner time is already dark enough for them to enjoy the sparklers. And I just love how they photograph in the dark.  

Some of the other things I'm learning to love about autumn are the different flavored things that you only get this time of the year, like candy corn or candy corn flavored white chocolate M&Ms. I love the light sweaters and the not so sunny afternoons. The pumpkins everywhere we go and how cute my kids look in hoodies.

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