Thursday, September 22, 2016

Let's Build It!

Lowe's has a program called Build and Grow. The program is basically a building clinic for the kids. The kids receive a kit to build something, for October it was a haunted house the opened up so you could put candy in it. There is a "work bench" set up with little hammers and space for the kids to build. The first time they go, the receive goggles and an apron. Every time they come back for a new project, the receive a new iron-on patch to put on their apron to show what they have already done. 
And the best part- it is completely free! 

The kiddos had a great time building and we will defiantly be coming back for more. Other chain hardware stores offer the same program with a different name. So if you have one in your town, check them out, because it is a lot of fun for the whole family to build something together. Not to mention that it is free and the kids get a toy out of it.

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