Thursday, September 22, 2016

The New Bike

Grandma and Papa came to visit from Jersey in October and it was like Christmas came early for the kids. 

Peanut got a lot of cute girly things from grandma, but when we went to the store to pick out her brothers bike, she picket out this crazy looking unicorn helmet, and said it was all she wanted. She had a great time just rocking the helmet while she made her daddy and Papa pull her around since she is still too little for her bike.

Truett got a new bike as a very early Christmas gift. He is so very excited to learn to ride, but he is also very fearful, and with the weather changing, he may have to wait until Spring to master bike riding. I'm not pushing it too hard, since I was already 10 when I learned to ride a bike. How old were you, when you learned to ride your bike?

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