Monday, September 12, 2016

Our New Home- Peanut's Room

We really love our new home, and Peanut really loves her new room. It is bigger and brighter than her old room, but everything is still very girly and very pink.

She has own private play area under her bed. We use a quilt instead of a rug under her bed. I think that makes it way more cozy and comfy.

Because her bed is too high for a night stand, I made her a little pocket/bag out of duck tape. She keeps her flash light, some tissues and a couple little books in there. 

She is at the wonderful age of make believe, and its wonderful to watch her pretend to cook and have her serve us with  pretend food. She uses books as trays and calls us "Melady" and "Mysir". It is just too cute.

Her Favorite thing is the doll house she got from my mom years ago. I love how imaginative she is. 

She got a Poster book for Christmas and has since developed a new obsession. 

I'm not sure how well will this room grow with her, or how long will she enjoy the girly and princessy decor, but for now she seems to love it. Her bed and doll house are what make it hers and special to her.

What do you do to make your kids bedroom special?

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