Monday, September 12, 2016

A Clean Car

I have been cleaning house and cleaning van. My van is usually like a big purse for me- it has everything I need inside, but I can never find anything when I need it.So I decided to put an end to the madness and organize it. And I'm kind of proud of how functional it turned out.  

The trunk has two big bags. The first one has emergency things, such as blankets, towels, extra outfits for the kids and neck pillows in case the kids get tired on trips. The other bag has umbrellas and everything for an instant picnic. There is a picnic blanket, some toys, bubbles and bug spray.  Next to the bags is the stroller that I still use when we go to the zoo, the fair or anyplace that the kids will want to be carried after a while. My husband thinks the kids are too big for the stroller, and they probably are. But I think they are too big for me to carry them, so the stroller stays.

I used a cereal container as a trashcan. That way nothing falls out on the floor while I drive, and my car never smells like garbage. 

I found these cute car-coasters a while back, but never used them until now. They look adorable and prevent ring stains on the bottom of the cup holders.

The storage between the sits has some more emergency stuff. It has a first aid kit, hand sanitize, extra trash bags, paper towels, pens, the kids music CDs and maps of the county and the town. After I took the picture, I also added a small container of Clorox wipes and some "Wet Ones".

How do you keep your car clean?

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