Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Washi Tape- greatest thing ever!

I just recently discovered washi tape and it was love at first craft.
So I have been using on everything!
I have used it on paper goods, glass vases, gadgets and even my nails. You probably saw it on one of my felt crafts (yes, it works on felt too)

But the very first thing I did with it was to decorate my pin box.
This was the quickest, easiest and cutest craft I've even done.
I covered to side and top of it with the black polka doted one, and with the pink striped one I made a twisty flower for the top. I did hot glue the flower on the top, just to make sure it survived my clumsy self. But the flower can stay on its own as well.
That twisty flower is super easy to make, but hard to explain, so stay tuned for an upcoming tutorial on those.
Here are some other washi tape ideas
  DIY - Washi tape drinking glasses, vase, candle holder
What do you think about this little DIY project?
Keeping it crafty,

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