Friday, September 7, 2012

Old Tee made new

Check out the many things you can do with an old T-Shirts!

Cute Sleeveless tank top made of old tee.

First step is to select an old tshit and cut the collar and sleeves off.

I actually did not cut enough on the first cut so I had to take some off. The idea is to take off all the shoulder.

Next pin the top of the shirt. Just make sure there is enough room for the robbon to thru.

Sew the top part.

And here is my little ribbon secret: I put the ends of the it over the fire. Far enough do it doesn't burn, but close enough that the heat will slowly melt the tips. that will keep it from coming apart later. No loose strings.

Using a safety pin, pull the ribbon through the top part you sewed together.

Once the ribbon it thru, tie it together and you have a cute new Shirt.

Enjoy it.

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