Friday, September 7, 2012

Felt- the love affair continues

As promised, here are some more easy DIY felt crafts.
Here is something easy to do with and for your kids. Little felt bags.

A while back, my kids were given some cut outs to make a little basket at our local library, but they were too flimsy to be used for anything just as it was, so I thought- Why not felt?

BTW, here is a tamplet you can print and cut out to make your own or use as a stencil for other materials. It looks a little different from the one I used, but if you google paper bag stencils I'm sure you can find whatever kind you'll like.

There are really only three easy steps to this project- trace, cut and glue.
When you trace the felt, just make sure your leaving out the parts that fold into the basket.
The glue gun is my tool of choice in almost every project. It is my comfort tool :) So that is what I used to glue the felt to the paper as well as the decorations I used.

For my daughter's I used a rolled felt flower and a couple pieces of felt for the leaves.

For my son's I used buttons and washi tape.

My kids are making these their church bags. My daughter filled hers with lots of crayons (she is my little artist) and my son put a couple of match box cars and Phineas and Ferb miniatures. They loved their new bags and they loved helping trace the felt and decotraing them. They were very proud of their work. :)

Also, remember that you can print the stencils in any size you'd like and make this into a large bag for yourself. Hope you enjoy this little craft. Let me know it you dry it or if you have any ideas on how to make it better. I would love to see your comments, questions and ideas.

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