Friday, September 14, 2012

Upcycled Clutch- you'll never guess what it is made with

Like My new clutch? You can have one just like it, Check out how to DIY.
Here is the step by step DIY tutorial.
1- Grab yourself a place mat. This one was from the dollar store.
2- To decorate the front (and make sure it does not look like a place mat) measure and pin a piece of ribbon to where the front flap will be. If there is a tag, make sure it is on the opposite side.
3- Sew through the middle of the ribbon horizontally.
4- Fold over the ribbon and sew over it vertically, to secure it in place.
5- Making sure that the flap you decorated is left untouched, fold the bottom up as high as you want to make your clutch deep.
6- Sew the side up to the end of the shorter end. *Don't forget to back stitch to make sure it doesn't come undone.
7- Repeat the same to the other side.  
8- Fold the the bottom corner into a triangle, this will be what widens the bottom of the bag for more room.
9- Sew through the triangle (again, don't forget to back stitch).
10- Cut the triangle part outside of the stitching. Repeat on the other side, and and turn it right side out.
11- At this point, the top flap will be bigger than the actual clutch. Fold in the sides of the flap and sew it to make it fit.
12- Repeat on the other side.
13- I made a little rolled ribbon flower to attache to the front flap. Here is the tutorial for that.
14- Sew the flower to the front flap.
15- The flower may be very hard to sew, use a little glue, fabric or hot glue gun.
16/17- Once it is done, it will hold a lot more than you would expect. here it has my wallet, phone, Ipod and keys. And as you can see, there is still room for more.
18- It cost under $1.50 and took under 20 minutes to make. Now all that is left to do is enjoy it!
What did you think of this project? I would live to hear your feed back.
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